Brite Dog EL (electroluminescent) Collars - Green or Red

Brite Dog EL (electroluminescent) Collars - Green or Red

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DogBrite has something to "Glow About."  In developing their Dog Brite collar and patented Dog Brite leash, they created the most reliable solution to keep your dog seen and safe in the dark. Their Dog Brite Waterproof Lighted Collar and Leash utilize EL - electro luminescent - technology, not LED. Your dog can be seen in the back yard, city streets, the park, woods, open fields and in the water. If you are walking your dog, Dog Brite will also keep you visible as it can been seen up to 1,000 feet away.The Dog Brite collars and leashes create brighness you can depend on to keep your dog safe and visible in dim light.  Visible in low light up to 1000 feet, without the annoying glare of LED.

Durable nylon fabric collars and leashes (choose red or green) lighted with Electro Luminescent (EL) technology.  Press the button once for a solid light, again for flashing light, and a third time to turn the light off.

COLLARS:  Waterproof in water up to 2 feet***.  Fabric collar with solid hardware and an incorporated EL (Electro Luminescent) 1/4" ribbon that glows with a light aqua green color shown in the actual photos below. Size adjusts to fit 10" - 21". Collars have easy to replace AA batteries estimated to last up to 70 hours. ***NOTE that there is a thin gasket fitted all around the inside edge of the battery compartment to keep it waterproof, and it is important to make sure that the gasket is fitted properly all around the edge before closing the compartment in order to maintain waterproofing. Do not overtighten the screws.

See the separate listing for LEASHES: Patented, Rechargeable and Waterproof. Fabric collar with solid hardware and an incorporated EL wire that glows bright green (same light on green and red leash). RECHARGEABLE with included USB charging cable. SAFETY NOTE:  Unlike the Dog Brite collars that have replaceable AA batteries, THE BATTERY CASE ON THE DOG BRITE LEASH IS SEALED AND SHOULD NOT BE OPENED !